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Claire Burke has so many ways for you to fragrance your space. While she started with potpourri in the 1950's, the word of mouth spread about her exquisite smelling potpourri, and the Claire Burke Potpourri Company was founded shortly thereafter. From that very humble beginning, a several hundred-million-dollar potpourri industry evolved. Over the coming decades, the company grew with the Claire Burke Original, "the scent of memories" leading the way. Claire Burke quickly learned that there were many ways to enjoy the scents you love. The company continued to grow and began to offer many different products allowing you to disperse your favorite fragrance into your home. She created multiple scents too. Check out the flameless fragrance options below. 

Claire Burke Scented Oil Plug-in Refill and Warmer Unit


Scented Oil Plug-in Refill and Warmer Unit

The most effective air freshener for larger areas in your home. From the bedroom, bathroom to the kitchen, any room can benefit from the fragrance provided by this simple plug-in air freshener warmer unit and refill. The beauty of this product is. you can have multiple hidden in one room. You can fill the room with fragrance. It can last up to 30 days.

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Wax Melts and Ceramic Warmer Unit

Wax Melts are making a huge comeback today. They traditionally are heated using a Wax Burner/Wax Warmer. Wax Melts absorb heat way slower than a typical candle, which causes the wax to diffuse into the air faster and the aroma to last longer. Cost-friendly and affordable option. 

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Claire Burke Ceramic Wax Warmer and Wax Melts
Claire Burke Reed Diffusers and Refills


Reed Diffusers

Reed diffusers are the perfect addition to your space. They are great at dispersing continuous fragrance throughout the home and can omit unpleasant odors within minutes. Known for aromatherapy, you can create a calm and peaceful atmosphere based on the fragrance or essential oil of your liking. And they are aesthetically pleasing available is many different looks. 

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Scented Sachets 

Versatile and fragrant - 

Sachets can provide fragrance in your home for up to four weeks. Typically used in compact spaces or areas of your home such as a drawer or closet. The fragrant aroma will disperse gradually, depending on its location. 

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Claire Burke Original Scented Sachets


Air Freshener Sprays

Air Freshener Spray also known as home sprays deserve a place in your kitchen cabinet. Immediately eliminate odors and leave behind a fresh, clean scent with two quick burst of Room Spray in your favorite Claire Burke fragrance. 

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